Thursday, 7 March 2013

Veggies and Things

So going vegan seems to have done wonders for me
mentally and physically

much to the disgust of many around me,
but this is not a challenge for them,
this is for me

My mother is up in arms
protesting the fact that "do you want to lose even more weight??"
But it is not about the weight loss.
It is about the gain in normality
For the first time in a very very long time
I am eating in a semi normal structure

I am eating decent sized meals, and twice, sometimes 3 times a day
That is a very very huge change
And i havent purged once since I have started
I wont lie I have been very tempted
But My will has been very strong

So yes, I have lost weight
and people are commenting again
But I feel as if this helping...
if not in some small, menial way.

My man has been so supportive throughout.
he has even caved to try, and enjoy, some of the dishes.
and he helps make it some sort of fun enjoyable activity
i think he understands it
and thats really great.

So going on nearly week two of the Vegan lifestyle...
and I feel like my mind is starting to heal
ever so slightly...

Wish me luck my darlings


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  2. Hey, I'm glad it's going so well for you! I've been vegan myself for around two months now... I'm not really losing weight, but it has helped a lot with the purging and I eat really healthily now too. Good luck hun <3
    Alice xx